3. Working with Files in the File Manager Tool

3.1. Uploading new files

To upload new files to the Document Storage using the File Manager tool, start the tool and select the relevant subject using the drop-down menu of the "Subject" field and enter the symbol in the "Symbol" field (Fig. 3.1). Please note that both fields are mandatory.

 Figure 3.1 - Providing Information on the Subject and the Symbol

Figure 3.1 - Adding Subject and Symbol

To select the files to be uploaded, drag and drop them from an open folder to the File Manager interface, or click on "Browse" button to open a folder and select the files (Fig. 3.2). You can upload files in MS Word (both DOC and DOCX format), PDF and Power Point (PPT) formats.

                Figure 3.2 - Selecting the Files for Uploading

Figure 3.2 - Selecting the Files for Uploading

The selected files will be listed in the File Manager window. Please review the language, subject and symbol tag information to make sure it is correct. Press the "Upload" button to start uploading or the "Clear" button to clear the list of files (Fig. 3.3).

  Figure 3.3 - Starting the Upload Process

Figure 3.3 - Starting the Upload Process

After pressing the "Upload" button, all your selected files will be uploaded one-by-one. You can delete all the files from the File Manager upload list by either using the minus button () available next to each file or by pressing the "Clear" button.

3.2. Replacing files

Should you be uploading a file that already exists, a "File Exists" message will be displayed and the uploading process is put on hold. To remove the file from the list, press the minus button () next to it. To replace the file in the Document Storage, press the Overwrite file button () and then the "Upload" button to confirm (Fig. 3.4). Repeat this procedure for every file that has to be replaced.

  Figure 3.5 - Replacing a File in the Document Storage

Figure 3.4 - Replacing a File in the Document Storage

3.3. Adding documents to an existing symbol

To add a document to an existing job, an English file should be included in the upload list, with identical file name as the existing English file, along with the files containing the new language versions, all with the same metadata (Subject, Symbol) as in the existing group. Click on Upload and, when the status for the English file changes to "File Exists", simply click Upload again to upload the rest of the list.  The English file will not be replaced (preserving any existing bitexts), and the extra files will be uploaded to the existing request.

Figure 3.5 - Adding a file to an existing group

After uploading, your files will be available in the Document Storage, eLUNa. eLUNaSearch and the Linguistic Support Reference Portal.