2. How to access the Bitext Aligner

The Bitext Aligner tool is available on the eConference Portal for registered users. Log in with your username and password. By default, your username is <first name>.<last name>, and a password will be assigned for the first time sign-in. First time users will be prompted to change their password.


If you forget your password, retrieve it by using the “Forgot password” link on the log-in page. You will receive an email to your registered email account containing the new temporary password.

After logging in, click on the Document Storage icon.  Document Storage contains the documents that have been processed by the language sections at each duty station, both in monolingual versions and in bitext form.


1. Finding bitexts for realignment

In Document Storage, you will find the bitexts that require alignment correction or that have already been realigned. To retrieve a bitext, search by symbol or by file name.

·         If searching by symbol, you will obtain a list of documents in all available languages.

·         When searching by file name, you can enter the job number followed by the letter corresponding to the source language (for example, 1511896e).

·         Click the “Search” button or press Enter to retrieve the bitexts.

        Figure 2.3 - Searching for a Document in the Document Storage

A list of the matching documents  will be displayed. To open the bitext file, click on any of the icons displayed next to the file in question. The icons represent the following information:

   The document was "Aligned automatically", but was not corrected.

    The alignment was done manually, checked, corrected or simply resaved. The name of the user who last saved the file will be displayed.


In general, when correcting alignment, we work on documents that have the "automatically aligned" icon  with English as source language.

2. Opening the Bitext Aligner

Once the bitext file is opened in a new window, press the  icon to start the Bitext Aligner tool:

       Figure 2.5 - Starting the TMX Editor Tool

After clicking the icon, a new window with Bitext Aligner will be opened. You are now ready to work with the Bitext Aligner tool.

        Figure 2.6 - Allowing the TMX Editor Tool to Run on Your PC