4. Correcting misalignment in the Bitext Aligner tool

To correct misalignment in the Bitext Aligner tool, go to the segment in question and press the right button of your mouse to display the drop-down menu with the options available for editing the cells and rows within the interface.

        Figure 4.1- Displaying the Drop-Down Menu

1. Correcting alignment

There are several options available to edit the bitext:

  • To remove a cell or a row, select the cell or the row to be removed, call up the drop down menu by using the right button of the mouse and select the "Remove cell" or "Remove row" option.
  • To remove a range of rows, click on the row you would like to start with, hold the "SHIFT" key down and click on the last row you would like to remove. Call up the drop down menu and choose the "Remove selected rows" option.
  • If two paragraphs or segments are combined together in one cell, you can move the text with the "Split selectd row on custom text" option. 
  • To move text to a different row, highlight the text you would like to move, call up the drop down menu and choose the "Insert row before" or "Insert row after" option, depending on the position you want the text to be moved to.
  • To remove empty rows, go to the main menu and go to Edit and select the Remove empty rows option.
  • If there are misaligned cells or rows, select the radio button next to the cells you would like to realign, select the range of rows where the two cells are located (make sure you select at least one row that is aligned correctly), call up the drop down menu and select the "Realign selected rows" option or use the "Realign" option in the main menu at the top of the screen.

        Figure 4.2 - Realigning the Segments

NOTE: It is not possible to cancel an action (undo), except in the body of the text. The undo tool (Ctrl+Z) reverses only the actions done within a cell. The cursor has to be placed in the cell where you need to cancel an action.  If a row or cell is deleted by mistake, right click the row or cell below the row or cell that was deleted, click on “Insert row before”. Go back to your browser where you will find the bitext an copy the text that was accidently deleted.

2. Saving alignment

Go to File>Save periodically to save the changes you made. When you have finished working on the document, go to File and click on Close. This will signal that the alignment session is over. Once you see the Document close message, you may also close the browser tab, as it will no longer be used.


3. Visualizing changes in the bitext  

If you would like to see the changes you made in the bitext, refresh the bitext page on your browser. The alignment icon will then reflect the manual correction and your name will displayed, together with the date and time the bitext was last corrected.