Searching for terms

The UNTERM portal offers both basic and advanced search modes, displays records based on the user's settings and access rights, and allows users to sort and refine the results found to target specific subjects or databases.

1. Basic search

 Start searching right away by typing your search string in the text box and pressing the blue Search button.


                                                                                                   Figure 1: Basic search box

     Please note that basic searches can be performed with or without log in. If you have an account, log in to see results from bilingual databases, internal records and the proper names dataset (NAMES).

2. Sorting and viewing search results

By default, search results are presented by order of relevance. Display results alphabetically by clicking on the small arrowhead above each language column of the search results. To open a record, click on View.


                                                                                            Figure 2: Sorting and viewing search results

3. Refined search option

Once in the search results page, you can modify the settings for each specific search by clicking on the gear wheel next to the search box:


                                                                                           Figure 3: Refined search menu

Click on the gear wheel again to hide the refined search option menu. You can reset these options with every search.  To set up your permanent settings, use the main settings menu through the gear wheel icon in the menu bar at the top of the page.                

4. Refining your search results

The left-hand column of the search results page allows you to refine your search by search type, database, domain or subject:

  • Refine search: modify your search type, select a specific language, hide bilingual datasets or display results with a particular content.
  • Databases: select a database to exclude results from other databases.
  • Domains: click on Domains to see the full list of domains found, and click on the domain you are interested in to narrow results.
  • Subjects: click on Subjects to see the full list of subjects found, and click on the subject you are interested in to narrow results.


                                                                                                      Figure 4: Refinining your search results