Duplicate detection for new records

When creating a new record, the UNTERM system automatically looks for and flags potential duplicates. Through this mechanism, the system avoids the proliferation of duplicates and also allows users to create links between records that are similar and related but not perfect duplicates.

1. Detect potential duplicates

Once you click on the button, a new record tab is displayed where you can enter the source language term. To avoid duplication of records, whenever you enter text in a term field, whether source or target language, the system looks for potential duplicates and displays a warning sign if any are found.


Click on Display similar records to see the potential duplicates. Potential duplicates found in the database you are currently working in will appear on the left; all others will appear on the right. To open a potential duplicate, click on the term itself. A new tab will open.


2. Add non-perfect duplicates as Reference

If the duplicate is not a perfect duplicate and you would like to add it as reference for the record you are working on, click on . The reference will appear under References in the concept level section of your record.