Adding language-level information

Language-level information is found in the main part of the record, under each language. This information applies to all values related to the language and not just to a term or variant within a language.

There are three language-level elements that can be added from the add dropdown menu:


1. Adding a language definition

The Definition field is included by default when creating a new record. If the field is not present, click on the add dropdown menu and select language definition. Enter a definition in the text box and a source supporting it.


Note that the Definition field is labeled as Description in the case of Titles.

2. Adding a language source

Click on the add dropdown menu and select language source. A pop-up window will open with options to add different types of sources.


  • Add an ODS document

Click on Add ODS document. The fields to include the ODS document will be displayed.

  1. Enter the symbol.
  2. Enter the name or description of the document. This will be displayed next to the symbol in the record.
  3. The suggested link for the ODS documt will be displayed below.
  4. Click on Add.


  • Add a general reference

Click on Add general references. A text box to include the reference will be displayed. Enter the reference and click Add.


  • Add a web link

Click on Add web link. The fields to include a web link will be displayed.

  1. Enter the name of the webpage.
  2. Enter the web link
  3. Add a description.
  4. The suggested link will be displayed above.
  5. Click on Add.


NOTE: The http:// part of the link is required. It will be inserted automatically when you copy and paste a web address from the browser.

  • Add a cross-reference

This field allows you to add a cross-reference to a related record. Click on Add cross-reference to insert a new row.

  1. Type the record name and click Search.
  2. The list of potential cross-references will be displayed.
  3. Click on Add to select a cross-reference.


All the sources added will be displayed in the window. Click on Add to include more or Remove to delete the ones you entered.


All the sources added will appear on the record in a new Source field. Hover the mouse next to the word Source to display the Edit button and click it to add or remove sources. 


3. Adding a language note

Click on language note to include a Remark field. Enter your remark in the text box, followed by a source supporting it.