Working with glossaries

Logged-in users can create glossaries through the Advanced page by searching for a string of words or by selecting the parameters available in the search menu, such as Database, Categorization, Status, Language and many more.

1. Creating a glossary

Go to Home>Advanced and select one of the three search options: portal, global or local. You will be taken to the Advanced search page where you can enter your search criteria to produce the list that will be used to generate the glossary.

The search criteria can be a string of words or a selection of the parameters available through the Advanced button. You can also combine a string search with the search parameters to filter results. 


To create a glossary from the results found, go to Batch action and select glossary>create new from the dropdown menu. 


A new window will open, where you will enter the following information:

  1. Enter the glossary name.
  2. Provide a description.
  3. Select user, if this glossary is for personal purposes or for a specific project, or official, if the glossary is considered a well-established list and is intended to be permanent.
  4. Select public, if the glossary should be visible to users with external rights, or internal, if the glossary should only be visible to internal users.
  5. Select a database for the glossary.
  6. Click on Create glossary.


A message including a link to the glossary list will be displayed once the glossary is created.


2. Viewing and editing glossaries

At the top of the page, click on the magnifying glass and select Glossary list.


You will be taken to a new page with a list of all available glossaries. The glossary list page offers the following options:

  1. Search for glossaries by name.
  2. Filter by category.
  3. View and manage list of records  (feature under review).
  4. Open the search results with all records in the glossary to perform searches within the glossary.
  5. Remove the glossary or Edit name, description and categories.


3. Sharing glossaries

It is sometimes useful to create glossaries in preparation for conferences or meetings, so that authors have quick access to the terminology related to the topic at hand. To share glossaries with them, in addtion to th Glossary List view mode mentioned above, send authors a direct link to the glossary. Click on the Search link shown above (4) to be taken to the search results, copy the hyperlink in the browser's address bar and send it to the author.