gDoc2 Release - 245

gDoc 2.0 (2.245.396)

IDWork Item TypeTitle
106655 User Story Forecast: Make Department/Division writable in both Parliamentary and Publication Forecast
119299 User Story Organs: [Data Request] Comparison of Organs between our system and eMeets
125794 User Story Forecast: Add a new Document Type option in the Non-Parliamentary Forecast - "Other publication"
125795 User Story Forecast: Changes needed for the new Document Type option in the Non-Parliamentary Forecast - "Other Publication"
125947 User Story Forecast: Show/hide certain fields in the Submission and Schedule of Parliamentary Forecast by Department/Division
127123 User Story CS9: Changes to PBI section
127186 User Story Design: Design and Create Azure Search Infrastructure
127188 User Story Design: Create Basic List/UI functionality to display Faceted Search Controls and Results
127189 User Story Design: Finalize Dashboard User Interface
127295 User Story Series Symbol: Auto fill Organ when a Meeting is selected in creating Request for new SS by Requestor or creating SS directly by admin/Approver
127772 User Story Account/Role: Add "Department/Division" to Secretariat/Coordinator/Service Provider groups
127879 User Story Account/Role: Add Duration parameter to Secretariat Roles
127909 User Story Forecast: Remove 6-4-2 from Submission Pattern in the wizard of Parliamentary Forecast
128093 User Story [gDoc] Meeting dates not updated upon saving D2
128097 User Story Forecast: Show Forecasts on the dashboards of Submitter and Document Manager
128098 User Story Forecast: Should always show Agreed Submission Date in Document Management section of the Parliamentary forecast
128312 User Story CS9: Changes to Cost Report
128663 User Story CS9: Change the Draft resolution field in the Main Body section
128664 User Story CS9: Add three options in Linked Pre-forecast section
128792 User Story Forecast: Validate and warning against Estimated Word Count in Submission and Schedule step of the wizard and on the full form of Parliamentary Forecast
128802 User Story Forecast: Make certain fields mandatory in Parliamentary Forecast by Department/Division
128852 User Story Forecast: Set Expected Submission Date mandatory in Submission and Schedule of Parliamentary Forecast
128983 User Story Account/Role: Convert the Department and Division fields of the user profile as drop down
129184 User Story Forecast: [BUG] Validation message for the Meeting Not being selected should not popup up if slotted is unchecked
129427 User Story CS9: Changes to Add Document Line
129430 User Story Account/Role: Add Locations to Secretariat Groups
129680 User Story [Tech] Migration from old virtual servers
129934 User Story [Tech] Meetings release 245
130031 User Story Account/Role: Make Group Account Admin available for Secretariat/Service Provider groups
130032 User Story gPub 2.0: Change the label name of Create Publication and the placement of the two Create buttons
130040 User Story [Tech] Revise the async loaded publication info (dapper refactoring)
130096 User Story [Tech] Decouple Audit from EF on Save
130136 User Story Design: Make audit trail more user-friendly
130164 User Story CS9: Placement of Audit log icon
130166 User Story Account/Role: [BUG] Data Admin should retain the same access to all modules as before
130167 User Story Account/Role: [BUG] Email notifications shouldn't be enabled for the Preforecast Data Admin role
130251 User Story [Tech] Search Index update for DCPMS2
130344 User Story [Tech] Search index re-build via Hangfire