gDoc2 Release - 246

gDoc 2.0 (2.246.440)

ID Work Item Type Title
123869 User Story Forecast: Dashboard columns
125411 User Story Assignment: PO Dashboard - Basic List Functionality
127190 User Story Design: Full Text Search - Forecast
127706 User Story [Tech] Implement Coding Standards
127769 User Story Forecast: Requested Issuance and Expected Submission Dates behaviors in Parliamentary Forecast
128982 User Story Account/Role: Roadmap for Department/Division/Group of user accounts
129063 User Story Forecast: The system should allow only one forecast for one publication
129429 User Story CS9: Location relationships in the workflow
130138 User Story Settings: Create Department/Division maintenance table in Reference Data module
130173 User Story CS9: Updated logic in 48-hour turnaround time limit
130546 User Story Forecast: [BUG] Default values in Find eMeets Meeting in the Parliamentary forecast
130558 User Story Forecast: [BUG] Duplicate Reason for Late Slotting in Parliamentary forecast
130563 User Story Forecast: Account field and XB in Publication Forecast
130565 User Story Forecast: [BUG] Select All not working for Destination Languages in Publication Forecast (Other Publication)
130568 User Story Forecast: Should be able to edit Author Department and remove irrelevant field in Publication Forecast
131070 User Story CS9: Change the label name of "Document Type" to "Session Type" on Document Line
131195 User Story Forecast: [BUG] No Organ can be found in Organ field of Multi-slotting
131220 User Story gPub 2.0: [BUG] Publication Category on Details page should be be the same as on Edit
131236 User Story UI Design: Move current left nav under top menus as dropdown
131319 User Story Assignment: In the PO Dashboard default the selected service provider
131329 User Story Assignment: Job Page - PO View - Job Section
131404 User Story [Tech] Change SignalR Authentication to use implicit cookie auth
131500 User Story [Tech] Include OWASP Package in UI and API
131547 User Story Account/Role: [BUG] Admin unable to save after setting Approved for a user account
131562 User Story Account/Role: [BUG] Division is marked as mandatory but has no validation message on create
131565 User Story Account/Role: [BUG] Impossible to save Division/Department where freeform text was selected
131682 User Story CS9: Show Cost Information field also for Cost Information Type of Met with Existing Resources (Absorption)