gDoc2 Release - 248

gDoc 2.0 (2.248.553)

ID Title
109573 Assignment: Job Page - PO View
123870 Forecast: Search enhancements
130595 Forecast: Add Accept and Reject buttons for multi-slotting forecast
132612 User Management: Destination Language check box for expired role is displayed in PO Dashboard
132817 Design: Feedback on scrolling bar and column options - Dashboard
133067 Assignment: Ability to assign an external contractor to a job
133084 Assignment: Ability to filter PO Dashboard of Assignments by contractual status
133283 CS9: Add an option for the submitter/document manager to be able to create a Forecast directly from a document line in the Preforecast form
133358 Design: Convert second level of top navigation menu into second row tabs
134313 Assignment: Availability calculation for internal assignments
134400 Forecast: [BUG] Impossible to change Forecast type after validaiton message
134410 CS9: [BUG] New Dashboard for Preforecast does not have the P prefix in reference numbers
134423 Design: [BUG] The loading still disappears when using vertical scrolling
134465 Assignment: gDoc2 Contractual Module
134552 Forecast: [BUG] Sorting for Agreed Word Count column is not working correctly
134574 User Management: [BUG] Possible to have overlapping leaves when using different units
135370 Assignment: Contractual Assignment: extension
135419 User Management: [BUG] Unable to save Department/Division to Secretariat groups
136438 CS9: [BUG] Calculate costs , throws error and cost estimates attachment is not sent in the email