gDoc2 Release - 250

gDoc 2.0 (2.250.739)

123864 Publication: Dashboard columns, filters and search by fields
123865 User Management: Data and system admin access
128793 Design: Make each completed step in wizard clickable so that the user can go to any of the completed step directly
129028 Publication: Change the Author Department field into drop-down/lookup for the Submitter
129030 Reference Data: Add Request Settings and change the label name of Forecast Settings
129933 Request: Change "Session Type" to "Document Type"
136582 Design: Add bread crumb navigation within top subnav
136794 Publication: Add a tooltip to Issue Number
136998 Forecast: fields in Agenda and special sorting
137022 Request: Show Start/End Dates under Session # on the full form of Parliamentary Request
137027 Design: Placement of the Create button and add a button of Create & Submit
137301 Design: Add Created On, Created By, Updated On, Updated By to all Azure indexes
137440 Forecast/Request: Separate the Document Type from Publication Type
137474 Design: Leave no white space when maximized on the dashboard
137475 Design: Hide Sales Review filter when Parliamentary filter is selected
137477 Forecast: Validation against Session should be warning only in the Parliamentary forecast
137478 Forecast: Rename the field name of "Instructions" to "Remarks" in Document Requirements section
137479 Forecast: When support account is selected in Budget type, should show a field for account # (not mandatory) in Submitting information section
137480 Forecast: Keep Submissin and Issuance dates when Session is changed and show warning in Parliamentary forecast
137481 Forecast: Show calculated dates to Submission Pattern field in Parliamentary forecast
137604 [Tech] Configure gDoc/DCPMS/CMA/eCor for Prod West Europe Azure Datacenter
137636 User Management: Hide Client Services from certain roles
137637 Design: Collapse/Expand filter groups and the left side bar
137640 User Management: Remove Settings/Admin from views of all roles except for System Admin
137644 Design: Dashboard search should support slash
137645 Publication: Move Issue Number tab to the end
137655 Publication: Change the label name of "Module Review Status" to "Board Review Status"
137662 Forecast: Fields in compact preview - Parliamentary
137663 CS9: Fields in compact preview
137760 Request: Details and Edit command for - Languages Services section
138199 Forecast: Use Department/Division on the form to determine the Division options + Location for all forecast/request department/divisions
138210 Request: Show Meeting Updates intray on the dashboard
138425 Forecast: Change the Organ field (Parliamentary) and the Author Department field (Publication) into drop-down/lookup for the Submitter
138426 Request: Change the Organ field (Parliamentary) and the Author Department field (Publication) into drop-down/lookup for the Submitter
138427 Forecast: [BUG in QAT only] Error when trying to create a non-parliamentary forecast
138431 Reference Data: [BUG] Show Issuance Date/Hide Submission pattern not working
138445 Design: [BUG] Searching by wild card sometimes does not work
138598 Forecast: [BUG] No validation for required field "Submission Date Expected of Client" in Submission and Schedule
138627 CS9: [BUG] Status dots colors do not coincide in Modern and Classic views
138648 Forecast: Limit the warning of word count to Pre-Session only
138674 [Tech] Meetings Sprint 250
138936 Forecast: Give wizard access to Document Manager
138937 Request: Give wizard access to Document Manager
139141 Forecast: Remove duplicate Author Department field - Non-Parliamentary
139180 [Tech] Automation Sprint 250
139241 EOSG Review: Global API
139690 Forecast: Add Document Planner role
140312 [Tech] Regression Sprint 250