gDoc2 Release - 251

gDoc 2.0 (2.251.804)

129031 Forecast: Function to create Agenda list by Organ and by Session
135424 Request: Request wizard - Publication
137307 Design: Refactor search bar
137604 [Tech] Configure gDoc/DCPMS/CMA/eCor for Prod West Europe Azure Datacenter
138515 Design: [BUG] Validation error message is not aligned under Original Version field in Language and Services
138523 Request: Split Embargo fields into two separate sets
138531 Request: [BUG] Error thrown when open Meeting search form in Organ Session and Agenda Information
139138 Forecast: Fields in compact preview - Non-Parliamentary
139341 Design: Cursor should show as Inactive when hovering over a gray step
139380 Forecast: Planning Dashboard (Part 1) List View
139622 User Management: Location of User groups shouldn't be multi-selectable
139815 [Tech] [BUG] Errors with the Forecasts/Requests/Publications dashboards in Azure QAT
139823 Request: Document Manager should be able to edit all fields/sections on the full form
139824 Request: Add Text Processing Only option in Languages and Services
139826 User Management: Document Manager should have access to Meeting Updates intray
139975 Request: Dashboard filtered by Processing D/S for Document Manager
140009 Forecast/Request: Both Department/Division should be updated when Requestor is changed
140018 Design : Keep Alive and re-factoring grid
140043 Forecast: Show next n Days/Months filters in Dashboard Refine Search bar
140047 Request: Change the label name of Actual Request Type filter
140068 Request: Status filters on the dashboard
140146 Forecast: Add a column of No. in Agendas
140210 Design: Show system info in About
140394 Request: Add Edit Sections for Submitting information, Document Requirements and Organ sections
140509 Publication: Show Publication Type and placement of certain filters in Refine Search bar
140510 User Management: Give the Submitter/Document Manager access to Client Services
140511 User Management: Give the Document Planner/Document Manager access to Publications
140512 User Management: Create the Data admin role for the Publications
140546 User Management: Give Data Admin access to Publications and Agendas
140602 Request: [BUG] Document request cannot be linked to the forecast if the original document request that the forecast is linked to is cancelled
140716 Publication: Add See All Author Departments for the Document Manager when creating Other Publication
140717 Publication: [BUG] Status is not updated on the Dashboard
140718 Publication: Document Manager should be able to edit all tabs at Document Requirements
140833 Design: [BUG] Behavior of “To List” button is inconsistent - Replaced with Breadcrumb nav
140854 [Tech] Dockerize the Document Repository
140879 User Management: Remove from Sales Manager access to Planning Board/Forecast and Request
140982 [Tech] Meetings Sprint 251
141035 [Tech] Automation Sprint 251
141196 User Management: [BUG] User account cannot be approved if a deleted account has duplicate user name
141418 Assignment: PO Service improvements
141540 User Management: Hide Planning Dashboard from Submitter
141839 Assignment: Preview for Contractual assignment (PO)
141969 [Tech] Sync Forecast's Mandate and Account info across apps
141997 Request: Add Rejected step/status to the workflow
142061 User Management: No need to show duplicate Departments/Divisions for users who are in multiple secretariats
142064 Forecast/Request: Align label names of Session (Meeting) Updates
142066 Publication: Status filters on the dashboard
142067 User Management: Add Search and Filters section to Division Options
142068 User Management: Remove duplicates in Permissions
142072 Request: Change label name of Languages and Services to Languages, Services and Copies in non-parliamentary request
142073 Publication: Change label name of Languages and Costs to Languages, Copies and Costs
142445 [Tech] Regression Sprint 251