gDoc2 Release - 254

gDoc 2.0 (2.254.1026)

138893 Job/Service: 2.6 All Jobs Finance(Readonly)
138895 Job/Service: 2.4 All Jobs Printing
138901 Job/Service: 2.10 Job Printing
138902 Job/Service: 2.11 Job Distribution
146987 [Tech] Resolve NPM Package Update warnings
147256 [Tech] Improve Page Performance on Document Request
148181 CS9: Add a new drop down field of Costing Review Location
148182 CS9: Add a fourth option of Linkage type
148302 [Tech] Remove usage of editable.js and replace it with Command Composer
149032 Forecast: [BUG] Impossible to select Department/Division on Forecast, need to change location to see department/division list
149036 Publication: [BUG] MIssing Edit button and workflow buttons for Document Manager
149037 CS9: Rename the Step of Executive Review to Costing Review
149249 [Tech] Refactor Cards Preforecast Details
149254 Design: UI Filter bar visual improvements
149273 Publication/Forecast/Request: Rename "+ Add Language" to "+ Select Language"
149274 Request: Authorization step in the workflow
149276 Request: Add grey background color to sections of Document Management and Document Processing instructions
149339 Design: Assignment UI Improvements
149485 Forecast: [BUG] Years in Planning Cycle are not sorted properly on Planning Dashboard
149747 Design: [BUG] Dashboard scroll behavior on scroll up
149908 [TECH]: Document Request State machine refactoring
150083 User Management: Document Planner should have access to Forecast/Planning Dashboard
150595 CS.9: Give Finance Manager the Edit permission to the new costing review location field