gDoc2 Release - 244

gDoc 2.0 (2.244.337)

* 124242 CS9: To create audit trail module
* 124663 Integration/eMeets: Sync updates from eMeets
* 126870 [Tech] Refactoring components to be more self-contained
* 126890 gPub 2.0: [BUG] Publication Languages and Costs section has no validation like Forecast has
* 126946 gPub 2.0: Dashboard should be sorted with the newest ones on top by default
* 126950 gPub 2.0: Save the Title/Sub-Title/Symbol added at Forecast into the Publication record in the Publications module
* 127125 Forecast: Combine Session and Agenda Information with Organ Information in Parliamentary Forecast
* 127422 Series Symbol: [BUG] Requestor should be able to see Approver's remarks
* 127634 Forecast: changes to Submission and Schedule in Parliamentary forecast
* 127783 Series Symbol: Show Approver's remarks to Requester and hide "Former Series Symbol" until the change request is approved
* 128087 Forecast: Set dates and agreed word count mandatory in multi-slotting in Parliamentary forecast
* 128092 Forecast: Set warning if word count goes beyond word limit in the Submission and Schedule of Parliamentary forecast
* 128605 CS9: [BUG] Cosmetic Costing information report layout changes