eLUNa Guide

  • About this guide

    This guide is intended for United Nations on-site and off-site translators, revisers and verbatim reporters. It provides information and step-by-step instructions for using eLUNa, the United Nations … more

  • Thematic index

    The topics covered in this guide are listed below alphabetically. Click on the relevant hyperlinked entry to be taken to the user guide chapter that goes over the item.

    Accessibility:  … more

  • Accessing eLUNa

    The eLUNa interface is hosted in the eConference Portal, which is part of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) integrated Conference Management Systems, and which … more

  • Uploading your document

    After logging into eLUNa, you will be taken to the eLUNa Intray, where you will upload the file for translation. Intrays are divided by organization and language, and display the documents currently … more

  • The translation workspace

    The translation workspace is the main window of eLUNa. It is the space where users set preferences and translate, edit and review segments, and perform other related actions. In this chapter, we look … more

  • Translating and exporting your file

    In this chapter, we describe the main steps to translate your file in the eLUNa interface, taking advantage of several functionalities, such as contextual menus, suggestions and terminology … more

  • The main menu toolbar

    After uploading your file and clicking on Translate, you will be taken to the Translation interface, where you will see the text for translation and will have access to a number of menus that we will … more

  • Contextual menus

    Right-click on the source column to access a contextual menu with options to search for text, translate and sort country names based on the UN style rules for each language, and split or merge … more

  • The edit box toolbar

    In this chapter, we will go over the functions accessible through the Edit Box toolbar, which includes several options to format text, apply machine translation, dictate or request references, among … more

  • The show more panel

    The Show more panel displays all matches found, as well as all terms found in the UNTERM database, for a given segment. It also stores the history of your segment, such as sources used or changes … more

  • Terminology detection

    eLUNa detects terms in your file that are stored with their respective translations in UNTERM, the UN terminology database. In this chapter, we describe the different mechanisms to detect and display … more

  • Bitext and index selection

      eLUNa offers suggestions from previously translated documents, by searching in predetermined indexes by subject or year. The options described in this chapter allow you to manage the suggestions … more

  • Autotranslation, pretranslation and propagation

    eLUNa includes a series of functions that automatically translate text based on predetermined parameters and on content stored in the document repository and terminology databases. Below is an … more

  • Working with machine translation

    eLUNa offers access to several machine translation engines that can be activated by default or on a segment basis. The engines used are based on different technologies and corpuses, and can produce … more

  • Shared Terms

    The Shared terms function allows users to keep track of new terms used in a particular job, coordinate terminology with colleagues in shared jobs, and run Quality Assurance checks to ensure … more

  • String match

    String match detects matches for strings of six words or more and highlights them in the source column. Results are displayed in a new tab, where you can navigate across bitext to pick the most … more

  • Working with an edited text

    If, while translating a document, you receive an edited version of the original file, you continue working on your assignment without losing any work done. You can work on the edited text through the … more

  • The preview mode

    The Preview function displays your translated document in real time as if it were exported, while allowing you to edit the target language directly. Changes made in Preview mode are reflected in the … more

  • Informational features, help and feedback

    In this chapter, we describe the informational features and processing feature that are available to you in eLUNa, as well the the different ways to request assistance directly from the system.  … more

  • Search tools

    A number of options are available within eLUNa to search in the document repository or within your document, in additional to a stand-alone application, eLUNa Search, which can also be accessed from … more

  • The Editorial-Translation bridge

    The eLUNa Editorial-Translation bridge connects documents that are in parallel processing; i.e., that are being translated at the same time as they are being edited. The bridge pushes edits to … more

  • Quality assurance

    The Quality Assurance (QA) function performs checks to ensure that numbers, symbols, dates, country names and UNTERM Title entries are correctly translated, as well as consistency checks for repeated … more

  • The Revision Interface

    The revision interface offers the same features and functionalities as the Translation Workspace, plus additional functionalities to allow revisers to revise jobs translated in eLUNa within the … more