gText Update – Sprint 282

Sprint 282 was released on 15 April 2018. Below there is list of user stories during sprint 282:

ID Work Item Type Title
96666 User Story Notebook HW failure, installation
96365 User Story Update documents - infrastructure diagrams
96212 User Story DBA_gTextStatistics_Production_Daily report
86461 User Story eLUNa: paragraph numbering issues
95959 User Story Hiring for position
95859 User Story Managing Tasks
96682 User Story Testing on QAT Sprint 282
96294 User Story BUG: Documents cannot be exported
95806 User Story Octopus Changes meeting
95682 User Story Upgrade network connection to 2GBit on 210/211/215
96341 User Story Investigate dissapearing editorial templates
95835 User Story DBA Standup meeting
95813 User Story ePAS preparation
95640 User Story DBA stand up meetings
95579 User Story Rollout Sprint 282
95504 User Story BUG: Footnote "2" is shown twice on the first page
95476 User Story BUG: Segment missing on Preview
95431 User Story Daily Stand-up - Meetings
95420 User Story Preserve time in DB
95385 User Story eLUNa: Alt + F3 gives "aÉrea"
95384 User Story eLUNa: square bracket
94289 User Story eLUNa: exporting documents with Arabic text
95003 User Story UNTERM: records created in NAMES turn to suggestions
92005 User Story UNTERM: update country name files
94553 User Story Editorial: terminology layer should show exact, case-sensitive matches
84080 User Story eLUNa: autotranslation of paragraph numbering into Arabic (follow up)
92006 User Story eLUNa: Find and Replace
87432 User Story eLUNa: Lookup fails to find match
96197 User Story LLSU Portal related tasks
95645 User Story Moses models evaluation UI Part 2
95392 User Story Bitext aligner logic should not fall back to the old algorithm when AlignFactory fails to align
96202 User Story Vladimir's 2017-2018 end of cycle performance discussions
95137 User Story Change GetWorkForState SP to use server time
94897 User Story Setup UNESCO Azure environment (Part 5)