gText Update – Sprint 284

Sprint 284 was released on 23rd May 2018. Below there is list of user stories during sprint 284:

ID Work Item Type Title
99311 User Story Meeting on NuGet Access
99308 User Story Azure Discussion
99044 User Story Fix unvwin150
98975 User Story Remove unused VMs in Azure prod
98961 User Story Investigate: Experimental aligner not working again
98934 User Story .NET Core consultation
98875 User Story Investigate slowness in Amazon and Azure
98841 User Story TFS/Amazon troubleshooting
98802 User Story ePAS Adjustment
98799 User Story Investigate why BiText aligner uses only TAPTA.NET on 117
98785 User Story Summarize access requirements for Azure (OICT)
98776 User Story UNESCO Octopus deployment issues
98463 User Story Knowledge transfer
98252 User Story DBA_gTextStatistics_Production_Daily report changes
98542 User Story Rollout Sprint 283 meetings
99090 User Story Investigate Azure web sites monitoring possibilities
99163 User Story Consultation on multiple models
98466 User Story Review and update gText diagrams
98793 User Story Fix Redgate software
99290 User Story Training preparation
98178 User Story BiTextRepository: Sel_Missing_Documents called ~40 times per minute without proper parameter
98404 User Story Daily Stand-up - Meetings
98113 User Story Update team and systems email notifications to reflect Michal and Konstantin reassignment
98856 User Story eLUNa: eConference portal displayed instead of Lookup results
98817 User Story eLUNa: Add UI automation framework
97884 User Story Change build process
98536 User Story Add manual action/wait before deployment to gText projects
98510 User Story DBA Standup Meeting
98707 User Story Testing on QAT - Sprint 284
98462 User Story eLUNa: unable to upload file
98217 User Story eLUNa: incorrect term label
96964 User Story eLUNa: terminology links to database with less priority
96972 User Story eLUNa: terminology detection (Fr>EN)
84028 User Story eLUNa: display entries in terminology panel in same order as in record
97712 User Story eLUNa: Term panel displays tags
97898 User Story eLUNa: substitution failed in date into Chinese
97896 User Story eLUNa: suggestion appears in edit box but not in Discovery panel
97895 User Story eLUNa: Find and replace issues
97634 User Story Translate Country Name (English->Russian) Bug
88784 User Story eLUNa: terminology detection enhancements
96173 User Story eLUNa: make logical use of spaces when doing copy/paste and drag&drop
97034 User Story eLUNa: QA country names false mismatch
96960 User Story Adjust CountryNames view article removal [DBA]
97285 User Story Update Octopus process for Bitext Repository DB deployment
97505 User Story Restore UNTERM Database on QAT [DBA]
98315 User Story UNTERM: migrate Unesco terminology [DBA]
98115 User Story Create team ePas report based on the template
98097 User Story eLUNa: suggestion in edit box is not first result
97994 User Story Services should reconnect after DB connection failure
98265 User Story Experimental aligner issue: the status doesn't change. Users see 'Waiting' one
97534 User Story Experimental aligner should clean cache on shutdown
95796 User Story MercuryErefService: Move content date to elastic
96577 User Story Doc Storage: discontinue tmx file download
97563 User Story When bitext is changed in one environment we should update corresponding indices in all environments (Vienna, UNESCO)
96165 User Story UNTERM: consolidation [DBA]
98899 User Story Rollout Sprint 284
98277 User Story Read eLuna documentation
98283 User Story Prepare e-Pass statistic for 2017-2018 year
98083 User Story CBI interview
98102 User Story ePAS report
98151 User Story Preparation for UN Azure meeting
97916 User Story Testing of VSTS Functionality
98031 User Story Technical Meetings
98025 User Story Build all Moses models
98399 User Story Verify MosesTraining issues
98059 User Story Fix PM access to MosesTraining on QAT
98035 User Story Managing Tasks
98411 User Story VSTS Reporting Discussion
97812 User Story Discontinue Valencia SMT machines
97629 User Story ROADBLOCK: experimental aligner not working
97536 User Story Rebuild all Moses models due to changes in tokenizer
97989 User Story Azure Stack Planning/Preparation
97560 User Story Setup UNESCO Azure environment (Part 7)
98064 User Story TFS incident
98470 User Story Support for gathering VSTS stats
98270 User Story Leave/Overtime Management
98280 User Story Meeting regarding hours tracking
98534 User Story Azure Reset Password Issue