gText Update – Sprint 294

Sprint 294 was released to PROD on 2nd November 2018. Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 294:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
114580 User Story Add monitoring of profile service public availability
113862 User Story Gateway time-out of 30 seconds in Azure DGACM Prod
113645 User Story Generate CSR file for Azure gateway
113624 User Story Broken replication to Azure DGACM investigation
113608 User Story Meeting on 294 testing strategy
113463 User Story QAT - Sprint 294
113405 User Story Measure the time required to keep replication in sync
113401 User Story EditorialIM issues investigation
113255 User Story Handle missing LLSUPortal DB in Azure QAT on DS delete operation
113212 User Story DBA Production Tasks
112984 User Story Investigate why 2 EditorialIM indices failed
112972 User Story Config fixes
112928 User Story Fix MercuryCleanup issue
112887 User Story Review DB versions in Azure QAT
112718 User Story Test indexing performance in Azure DGACM Prod
112717 User Story Test search performance in Azure DGACM QAT
112716 User Story Test indexing performance in Azure DGACM QAT
112751 User Story Rollout Sprint 294
112705 User Story UNTerm deployment to Azure
112845 User Story Standup meeting
112706 User Story DocumentRepository deployment to Azure
112707 User Story eLuna deployment to Azure
112708 User Story eLuna clean up changes for replication
112709 User Story MercurySearch should use less memory
112715 User Story FileSync service optimization
112775 User Story Merge 293->294
112852 User Story ePAS Review Preparation
112977 User Story Administrative Tasks