gText Update – Sprint 301

Sprint 301 was released to PROD on 10th January 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 301:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
118994 User Story Review Octopus deployment scripts of DocumentRepository project for DGACM and UNSCO environments
118582 User Story Enable more metrics on Elastic VMs
118556 User Story Reconnect availability sets VMs to update management
118538 User Story Move prod VMs into availability sets
118380 User Story Implement build servers in DevTest Labs
118142 User Story Investigate data replication for UNTERM
118015 User Story Investigation of "Country name false mismatch" User Stories in Sprint 299
117943 User Story Investigate substring issue in Azure Prod
117919 User Story DBA Production Tasks
117890 User Story Administrative Tasks
118424 User Story eLUNa: add Tencent engine to Unesco
118320 User Story eLUNa: create 2019 indexes on QAT
117928 User Story Standup meetings
116327 User Story No split list changes
113133 User Story Editorial bridge: new paragraphs: Part 2
116385 User Story Accessibility adjustments
101507 User Story Display Discovery results when working on an edited text
114693 User Story Editorial: BUG: delete footnote not working
114164 User Story Editorial bridge: add View edited text menu
116000 User Story Terminology should be detected in footnotes
113723 User Story Editorial: track change not exported
99799 User Story Comment partially displayed
109853 User Story Discovery results overflow panel
102560 User Story Editorial: "Use this" introduces incorrect track changes
115941 User Story Shared terms: make box size adjustable
109354 User Story Bug: shared terms, page scrolls back to the beginning when term is added
114168 User Story eLUNa: DeepL fails to translate italics
112725 User Story eLUNa Search: set default indexes by duty station
115604 User Story Change emails
117537 User Story Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
117529 User Story Rollout Sprint 301
117526 User Story Merge 299,300->301
114170 User Story eLUNa: add DeepL for Unesco
117733 User Story QAT - Sprint 301
118034 User Story Implement Advisor recommendations
118036 User Story UNTERM - conference-cms synchronization