gText Update – Sprint 302

Sprint 302 was released to PROD on 16th January 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 302:

ID Work Item Type Title
119920 User Story Production Testing - Sprint 302
119104 User Story QAT - Sprint 302
118794 User Story Investigate why some document is missing in index in Prod-DGACM environments
118714 User Story UNTERM UNESCO merge to UNOV and replication setup
117421 User Story Change service accounts in Azure to use 'Managed Service Accounts'
118488 User Story Administrative tasks
118462 User Story DBA Production Tasks
118460 User Story UNTERM duplicate cleanup
118458 User Story Standup meetings
118191 User Story eLuna terminology should support Terminology index updating in different locations
118131 User Story UNTerm should support indexing of records created in the different environment
118089 User Story FileName in DCPMSDocument/Document should not have full path stored
117297 User Story FileSync service should delete tmp files when they are not needed
117370 User Story BiTextJournal records are multiplied once CleanUp SQL procedure is executed
118643 User Story Implement Advisor recommendations
118169 User Story Make all unit tests of DocumentRepository solution passing (green)
118258 User Story Check/improve source port reuse in FileSyncService
118224 User Story Rollout Sprint 302
118277 User Story Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
118221 User Story Merge 299,300,301->302
118509 User Story UNTERM merge UNESCO
118617 User Story Investigate file download issue