gText Update – Sprint 303

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 303:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
120114 User Story Review SQL scripts to move Indexes from 2016 into Archives
120075 User Story Investigate why TAPTA.NET in UNESCO does not translate fr-zh
119853 User Story Statistics from
119978 User Story Investigate the issue with not generated BiTexts
119826 User Story Investigate why update bitext were not re-indexed
119734 User Story UN Azure - Apply and upload not working
119166 User Story QAT Sprint 303
119578 User Story Test building on LEO 2016 index with new Exclusion rules
119489 User Story Make SQL deployment steps of eLuna octopus project be executable by all team members
119322 User Story Azure runbooks adjustments
119248 User Story Move 2016 into Archive
118135 User Story UNTERM: links to deleted and master records
112086 User Story Activate last 4 year indexes by default for Geneva
119239 User Story DBA Production Tasks
119374 User Story UNTERM: use General Description field for duplicates and master records links
118082 User Story UNTERM: duplicate cleanup adjustments
118668 User Story Processing of Excel charts
120841 User Story TerminologyService issue with Prod documents
116509 User Story Expiration date in eLUNa to be determined by Doc Management System
118672 User Story Punctuation should not be changed when a match is inserted
118368 User Story Editorial bridge: new paragraphs: Part 3
118134 User Story UNTERM: master space records behaviour
120218 User Story Fix security issue in UNTerm
118081 User Story eLUNa: master space records should be detected in all cases
117237 User Story Text changes position on export
100714 User Story UNTERM: suggestions still appear CAT excluded
96695 User Story Add indexes for Unesco
118181 User Story eLUNa: master records in the term panel display icon
118675 User Story Editorial/VRS: Ctrl+Z
117915 User Story Track changes disappear from screen
118674 User Story accessibility of main menu (adjustments)
116374 User Story Experimental aligner: paragraph number should not be segmented
105240 User Story Realign files with AlignFactory
119172 User Story Standup Meetings
118839 User Story Rollout Sprint 303
118836 User Story Merge 301,302->303
118834 User Story Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
119273 User Story Administrative Tasks
121182 User Story Octopus Azure Migration
120517 User Story DBA_gTextStatistics_Production_Daily report data validation