gText Update – Sprint 304

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 304:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
121672 User Story Increase MT timeout to 10 seconds
120749 User Story Setup UNTerm replication between 3 QAT environments
121162 User Story gMeets: Deployment of Meetings Team projects to
119788 User Story Azure VM Restore Process
119791 User Story Devops Production Tasks
120623 User Story Make all Unit Tests of Mercury solution passing (green)
119575 User Story Create a DB constraint to prevent having multiple primary locations on single index
119491 User Story Make SQL deployment steps of UNTERM and DocRepository octopus projects be executable by all team members
119767 User Story Implement Advisor recommendations
119938 User Story Investigate if "CompletionDate" field of [DCPMSDocument] is used by eLuna and remove if it is not
120737 User Story Administrative tasks
120735 User Story Standup meetings
120555 User Story Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
121219 User Story QAT Automation
120731 User Story QAT Sprint 304 eLUNa
118798 User Story Make changes to Journal for replication stability
120730 User Story QAT Sprint 304 UNTERM
120725 User Story QAT Sprint 304 eLUNa/DocStorage
121451 User Story Capture translation statistics
121208 User Story Entry from Master record appears repeated
121443 User Story Change DeepL API version
120552 User Story Merge 303->304
121335 User Story eLUNa Search: indexes are no longer remembered
121334 User Story eLUNa: double-clicking on a term inserts term in the middle of the segment
120542 User Story Rollout Sprint 304
121126 User Story UNTERM: use General Description field for duplicates and master records links ext