gText Update – Sprint 307

The release was deployed to production on 25th of March 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 307:

125318 Make scheduled TFS build that runs performance test on daily basis
125013 Reconnect eLUNa to TAPTA.NET hosted on Cent OS
124771 Footnote markers disappear in source column and exported translation
125906 Review "PropagateTranslation" stored procedure
125675 Time-outs in workflow Azure Prod
124957 Investigate and fix with DB deadlocks and timeouts in Production servers
124469 Devops - Azure daily review
120103 Multiple formatting in segment is exported incorrectly
125631 UNTERM: post-clean up exports
123616 Enable all TAPTA.NET languages for UNESCO
123575 Exclude 255, 254 from all configs
123556 Set 20 threads for Search service in Azure QAT and Prod
123555 Connect Dev AlignFactory to unvwin150/unvwin210
123627 Devops / DBA tasks
123158 CAT + Master support for terminology in eLuna
123983 Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
123985 Rollout Sprint 307
124458 Performance testing after moving to Centos
123140 Enable Excel upload in all locations
125767 Footnote issue
124117 Bridge display: Add propagation from Editorial
102789 Arabic-English term detection
121724 Exported text in Arabic is displayed incorrectly
123415 Reconnect cmstracking to Azure
120476 Punctuation in paragraph numbering changed incorrectly
120832 Provision for Repeated Text in Excel cells
123304 Setup UNTERM replication QAT environment
75320 String match in source languages other than English
112807 Allow upload of files of up to 3MB
99991 Allow merging of segments when there is a paragraph break
123721 Entire paragraph lost on upload
124807 TAPTA.NET on test-conferences
124650 QAT Automation
124455 Automation tasks
125252 Performance Automation Task
124990 QAT Sprint 307
124184 Changes to bitext view when deactivating paragraphs number
123979 Merge 306->307
121537 Order of footnotes is changed
120903 SaveSegment bug in production/Null reference
124232 Editorial: disable background search
124296 Import files to UNESCO
124366 Standup Meetings
124368 Administrative Tasks
124378 Dev Interviews
124380 Migrate Dev Env to Azure
125683 Increase number of workers in Terminology and Propagation services in DGACM environment