gText Update – Sprint 308

The release was deployed to production on 1st of April 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 308:

126345 Devops - Azure daily review
126242 Update country names
126140 Reconnect Dev Seq to 150
126047 Lookup issue for WMO
125998 Devops / DBA tasks
125997 UNTERM: post-clean up exports
125367 Rollout Sprint 308
125365 Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
125362 Merge 307->308
125015 BUG: SQL connection cannot be established
112173 Remove DoNotIndex tag from bitexts
126722 Fix issue with disappearing footnotes/endnotes
126090 Country name propagation
96884 eLUNa: lift limit on NY documents
126219 Investigate Autoreplacement and Draft search on QAT
125320 UNTERM: fix Arabic text direction for country names related fields
125019 BUG: EditorialIMSerivce: Null reference exception
125524 BUG: UNTERMService, Error creating IndexUpdate WorkflowState for Mercury
126010 Disable Split/Merge of segment for Excel
125020 BUG: BiTextAlignerService: Null reference exception on getting final positions
125032 BUG: Journal: problems in reading data
126318 Administrative tasks
126305 Standup meetings
122761 Follow standard table format in Translation view
125719 BUG: Saving segment without identifier raises exception
126116 Production health automation test
125021 BUG: MercuryTMService: ForeignKey violation
125023 BUG: Null reference exception on searching draft
126559 Automation
125016 BUG: Journal entries cannot be deleted
125012 BUG: TerminologyService: Null reference exception in Lookup
125017 BUG: Error in validation of segment
125018 BUG: IMService: Exception in Lookup
126195 QAT sprint 308
126103 Setup Azure Dev
126105 Administrative Tasks