gText Update – Sprint 309

The release was deployed to production on 9th of April 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 309:

IDWork Item TypeTitleStateRemaining Work
128013 User Story Review SEQ Closed  
127964 User Story Onboarding Closed  
127698 User Story Reconnect Vienna prod to smt-prod-vm2 Closed  
127594 User Story Change Doc Server end point for DEV Env Closed  
127543 User Story Change SEQ to point to 211 instead of 271 Closed  
126841 User Story UNTERM: non-doublons Closed  
127483 User Story Dev Testing in Dev environment Closed  
126298 User Story Prepare working environment Closed  
127372 User Story Code review changes and checkin for sprint 309 Closed  
127130 User Story Administrative tasks Closed  
126840 User Story UNTERM: multiple masters Closed  
126932 User Story Meetings Closed  
126501 User Story Prepare working environment Closed  
126454 User Story JAWS implementation understanding Closed  
126768 User Story Roll out Sprint 309 Closed  
125552 User Story UNTERM: extract report Closed  
127342 User Story Regression Testing - Sprint 309 Closed  
126110 User Story UNTERM: master records are not appearing in queues Closed  
127206 User Story QAT sprint 309 Closed  
124543 User Story Accessibility: verbiage in main menus Closed  
127175 User Story Automation - Sprint 309 Closed  
125907 User Story UNTERM: master records are not appearing in local searches Closed  
127694 User Story GetTerminology and Load Search Results failing on show more Closed  
124544 User Story Accessibility: close button in Bitext and Index window Closed  
127184 User Story Separate BiTextRepository from DocumentRepository Closed  
124700 User Story Accessibility: ON and OFF options in Index window are now read but cannot be activated Closed  
127306 User Story Accessibility:Report An Issue Page Closed  
117291 User Story UNTERM: country name labels changed Closed  
126973 User Story Terminology highlight Closed  
59599 User Story UNTERM: country name records are not alphabetically listed Closed  
127668 User Story eLUNa search Elastic VM sizes reduction Closed  
126531 User Story DocStorage: Delete role Closed  
126108 User Story Accessibility: loading and saving wheels are not announced Closed  
120589 User Story Accessibility: shortcut for shortcut menu changes by keyboard Closed  
126109 User Story Accessibility: alt+b shortcut works randomly Closed  
126282 User Story UNTERM: change ISO code in country name records Closed  
110354 User Story UNTERM: clicking on dataset leads to Samoa record Closed  
124542 User Story Accessibility: Show more and Apply buttons Closed  
127001 User Story Update editorial.less file Closed  
126554 User Story Merge 308 -> 309 Closed  
127168 User Story Standup meetings - Sprint 309 Closed  
126719 User Story Devops DBA tasks Closed