gText Update – Sprint 310

The release was deployed to production on 24th of April 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 310:

128865 Resolving issues on DEV-DGACM environment Closed
128666 Investigation: Bitext Aligner changes text order Closed
127511 Accessibility: Not able to close index/bitext window Closed
128025 DevOps Closed
127976 Roll out sprint 310 Closed
127819 Merge 309 -> 310 Closed
112173 Remove DoNotIndex tag from bitexts Closed
128124 Setup and Initial work Closed
128152 UNTERM database analysis and update Closed
128807 Regression Testing - Sprint 310 Closed
128534 Automation - Sprint 310 Closed
128107 Meetings Closed
127365 MercuryERefService Index Updates are not processed on PROG-DGACM Closed
128128 Standup meetings Closed
128131 Administrative tasks Closed
128315 DocStorage: bitext not created Closed
128371 Reduce Substring VM sizes from F64V2 to F32V2 on DGACM PROD Closed
127814 Replace calling stored procedure from DocumentStorage into calling SQL queries Closed
128741 MissingBiText builder is constantly rebuilding BiTexts Closed
123694 Email changes Closed
127774 Remove DGACM data from UNESCO Azure Closed
128436 Create Health controller Closed
120907 BUG: MercuryTMService, MercuryIMService: ForeignKey violation: Part2 Closed
128258 eLUNa Draft Search is not being calculated Closed
125387 PROD issue on eLuna Draft Closed
127460 Accessibility: eluna main logo Closed
128546 eLUNA: Term marked as "avoid" is displayed in the term panel Closed
124543 Accessibility: verbiage in main menus Closed
127457 Accessibility: no announcement when loading ends Closed
127468 Accessibility: announce that file is available in the intray Closed
126574 UNTERM: cannot add cross-reference Closed
127728 Remove usage of BiTextService from BiTextRepository solution Closed
127467 Accessibility: Propagate is skipped Closed
127461 Accessibility: footnote markers are not announced Closed
127458 Ctrl+O gives request failed message Closed
127779 UNTERM country search list paging numbers disappears after click on each page number Closed
127466 Accessibility: modify text for QA menu Closed
127465 Accessibility: cursor doesn't land on edit box after adding comment Closed