gText Update – Sprint 311

The release was deployed to production on 21st May 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 311:

ID Title
132252 Production issue on 12.04.2019
132151 Prod Deployment - 21st May 2019
129807 Investigation of BiTextAligner slowness in Production
129505 UNTerm: Create Repository Class
129437 Consulting gMeets team about MyApg module inside Apg application
129788 Stand-up meetings
129661 Administrative tasks
129585 Rollout of Sprint 311
129129 DEV Env setup
129039 DevOps Tasks
126112 Accessibility: index menu changes from table to form mode
119500 UNESCO: autoexport
128777 Creating Code First and Migration for UNTERM database
129620 UNTERM: unable to add body or subject to categorization management list
131280 Adhoc Bugs - User Story
129403 Automation - Sprint 311
129717 Regression Testing - Sprint 311
125941 eLUNa: QA is flagging master records
128676 Accessibility: unable to reach Terminology Panel
123411 Bridge display: Add possibility to display newly created segments from Editorial in Translation module
128976 Accessibility: zooming
129652 Connect to the new DocRepo in Vienna
131085 Fix import issue with numbering extraction
125036 Refactor Arabic segment split for export
123485 Bridge display: Reflect changes in formatting
128784 Accessibility: yes/no options cannot be selected (index/bitext windows)
129797 Editorial: master records from other duty stations are not detected
123412 Bridge display: Add possibility to display deleted segments from Editorial in Translation module
132284 Hofix for comments deletion
123143 Figures on export mix Arabic and Hindi numbers
128543 eLUNa: restore merging of footnotes
116508 Unable to apply segments
123142 eLUNa: text partially bold on export
113724 Editorial: ability to turn background updating off
129830 BiText Aligner Issues: Fixing issues found in Production
128674 Accessibility: not in a table message
128671 Accessibility: Intray - Suggestions
130219 [Bug]VRS Terminology search is not calculated or calculated after a long time
101728 UNTERM: pressing enter after typing title sends form
129683 eLUNa: AR-UNHQ | String Match and Terminology not highlighted in segment during translation
90611 UNTERM: directing to records after log in
123146 Editorial: enabled upload and transfer of expiration date through gDoc
129280 UNTERM: master records are not appearing in queues
126111 Accessibility: yes/no options cannot be selected (index/bitext windows)
128660 UNTERM: Review queue is not showing Suggestions
126100 eLUNa: new resolutions issued for UNOV
129625 Accessibility: cursor sometimes doesn't land on edit box after adding comment
93536 Editorial/VRS: text tool bar behaviour
128669 UNTERM: display only records from dataset
93068 Accessibility: thicker frames for active segment and footnote
128673 Accessibility: Enter eLUNa Editor region
102785 Accessibility: CLOSE button color change
128858 Bitext Aligner changes text order
127459 Accessibility: free-text results read always as English
124699 Accessibility: target language read as English when Edit Box is closed
127462 Accessibility: target text is not read in bitexts
127463 Accessibility: target text is not read in main interface
128675 Accessibility: buttons in Show more panel are skipped
128850 Accessibility: announce file name on upload
127464 Accessibility: translation from terminology is not read
128756 Merge 310 -> 311
129351 Creating UNTERM database and data transfer