gText Update – Sprint 312

The release was deployed to production on 29th May 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 312:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
117487 User Story UNTERM: Add Reference: VINTARS to all records in glossary
133200 User Story Rollout Sprint 312
132742 User Story Troubleshoot External Aligner in Azure PROD
132440 User Story Connect apps to new DocRepo
132259 User Story Merge 311 -> 312 -> 313
132199 User Story Stand-up meetings
132196 User Story UNTERM: Fix the build
131995 User Story eLUNa XML converter: structural markup Part 1
131992 User Story UNESCO: statistics
130570 User Story DevOps tasks
129661 User Story Administrative tasks
127810 User Story Remove BiText components from DocumentRepositoryIndexer - Planning
132491 User Story Automation Fix and New
133534 User Story Automaton - Sprint 313
132335 User Story Onboarding
119752 User Story eLUNa: comment box display
127718 User Story eLuna segment merge issue
132240 User Story Limit linking of document only to documents which are the same
130414 User Story Accessibility: target language read as English in Discovery panel
132787 User Story Regression Testing Sprint - 312
88212 User Story UNTERM: Feedback - Search
120905 User Story EditorialTermiology null reference
130778 User Story Accessibility: saving selection in index window
97535 User Story UNTERM: due date sorting
130412 User Story Accessibility: options read only as "button"
87487 User Story UNTERM: < character leads to error page
130776 User Story Accessibility: sentence read not in menu
90673 User Story UNTERM: Settings menu
115079 User Story Bridge: change wording in menu
130413 User Story Accessibility: unable to Update selection made in Bitext window
130925 User Story Accessibility: terminology links are not detected
131409 User Story Creating application for data migration to the new UNTERM database
132209 User Story Initial working environment set-up