gText Update – Sprint 313

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 313:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
134351 User Story Production issues with bridge
134127 User Story Access to Azure DevOps
133975 User Story Issue with production
133486 User Story Setting up of Azure EU
134976 User Story Editorial: QA: UNTerm check avoid terms support
133234 User Story Mandatory training
133943 User Story Editorial: track changes errors: insertions show as original text
110916 User Story Only my files display issues
133206 User Story Merge code
128668 User Story Editorial: QA: UNTERM check
120440 User Story eLUNa: Enable track changes by default in Discovery
86752 User Story 100% pink match
81318 User Story UNTERM: country link added as source links to Edit view
120897 User Story eLUNa: terms added in Shared terms disappear
130779 User Story Accessibility: unable to read and open added comment
108101 User Story Editorial/VRS: Terminology layer tweaks
129931 User Story eLUNa: Pretranslation color coding
132317 User Story eLUNa: Arabic export with tabs: Part 2
100415 User Story UNTERM: no redirect
132649 User Story Accessibility: alt+b does not trigger action every time
131194 User Story Accessibility: econference icon moves when zooming
92941 User Story Semicolon inverted in auto-translated lists in Arabic
107212 User Story Translate country name menu not working into German - part 1
117398 User Story Updated comment text is not displayed on hover
129932 User Story eLUNa: Pretranslation icon
109769 User Story Only my files option fails to filter user files
128264 User Story eLUNa: FRASEO missing from terminology sources options
119380 User Story eLUNa: clicking on shared term in term panel takes user to top of page
127289 User Story Changes in notification email recipients
88027 User Story UNTERM: text direction in Arabic
131775 User Story UNTERM: unable to change Owner to other duty stations
133038 User Story Accessibility: change alt+t shortcut to alt+r
133790 User Story eLUNa intray: files displayed in incorrect columns when using Only my files
126202 User Story eLUNa: add shortcut to launch a search in eLUNa search
105123 User Story Autotranslation of June and July in to Arabic
133540 User Story Accessibility: announce formatting
130016 User Story Set Experimental Aligner as default engine for English>Chinese
84144 User Story UNTERM: acronym not displayed separately
133300 User Story Stand-up meetings
133208 User Story Rollout Sprint 313
132912 User Story Administrative tasks
132199 User Story Stand-up meetings
134057 User Story Automation: Fix
134191 User Story Testing on QAT
134111 User Story Regression Testing Sprint - 313
133534 User Story Automaton - Sprint 313
133563 User Story AdHoc Bugs - Sprint 313
133219 User Story Stand-up Meetings
132651 User Story Accessibility: Show less does not announce that the Show more menu is closed
132650 User Story Accessibility: job number reads required invalid entry
131994 User Story UNTERM: duplicates not detected in Anaylisis tool
120808 User Story eLUNa: Propagate changes are only reflected when page is refreshed
132828 User Story eLUNa: set Tencent as default engine for Chinese
128672 User Story Accessibility: cursor lands on edit bar when switching columns
132327 User Story eLUNa XML converter: structural markup Part 2
132755 User Story Creating app for migration UNTERM database
132917 User Story Devops tasks
132189 User Story Creating application for data migration to the new UNTERM database
133995 User Story Optimizing the UNTERM data migration application