gText Update – Sprint 314

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 314:

134976 Editorial: QA: UNTerm check avoid terms support
136315 Issues with custom aligner in production
135699 Diff wrapper for text comparison
135664 Add event sourcing to eLuna Editorial
137232 eLUNa Search: Remove KnockoutJs
134665 Merge code
134679 Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
137175 Azure EU configs adjustments
136032 eLUNa XML converter: missing content in preamble and mainBody
136029 eLUNa XML converter: repeated content in preamble and mainBody
134571 Setup eLUNa search locally
131179 eLuna: Issue with alt+shift+up/down when moving to the first segment
135902 Reflect changes from EditorialBridgeService in translation UI
134825 eLUNa XML converter: structural markup Part 3
134304 eLUNa XML converter: test cases
135901 Apply new aligning strategy inside EditorialBridgeService
134303 eLUNa XML converter: user interface and metadata field
135686 Highlight segments of eLuna which were Merged/Split before linking with Editorial Document
134878 Include superseded, deleted, and obsolete term/record to highlight in Mercury Editorial
137715 eLuna Export changes
137558 eLUNa: Files with tables generate error on export
127921 eLUNa Search: Filters
137839 Formats of imported document are not imported correctly
135679 Prevent Split/Merge of Segments/Paragraphs for linked Translation document
134899 Add event sourcing to eLuna
134307 eLUNA - Regression testing
127920 eLUNa Search: New design
134518 Updating UNTERM application
135919 eLUNa: LookUp fuzzy results are appearing in track changes
112811 Terms with quotation marks are not detected
133539 Editorial: terminology detection: no terms or phraseology
86084 Report an issue: Form disappears when minimized, is not accessible to screen readers
85858 eLUNa: report an issue - "File already exists"
130892 Accessibility: contrast of main menu icons
136692 Switch off Experimental aligner usage from MissingBitextService
134667 Rollout sprint 314
134331 Standups
134439 Administrative work
134322 Devops tasks
86883 eLUNa Search: Increase maximum number of results
127922 eLUNa Search: Filter selection
138552 Regression Bugs - Sprint 314
135343 Automation Fix and Execution
135339 Stand-up Meetings
135341 Testing on QAT
135342 Regression Testing Sprint - 314
136191 [Done]Automation of Editor cleanup
136418 eLUNa XML converter: "Annex" document part
136611 eLUNa XML converter: Document part Qualifier
136922 Optimizing UNTERM indexing performance