gText Update – Sprint 316

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 316:

96037 eLUNa: save comments when clicking in a different segment
96040 Term panel list should scroll down when using Alt+arrow down
114794 Editorial/VRS: activate magnifying glass icon on text toolbar
117397 Segment-level formatting not reproduced when inserting suggestion
117793 Add Tencent for FR and Spanish into Chinese
120214 eLUNa: Ctrl+Alt+R
120894 eLUNa: Add Doc with revision option under export menu with Translator role
132320 Editorial: "Excluded" button not working
135406 eLUNa: incorrect position of parenthesis and slash in Arabic
136990 eLUNa Search: index selection
137005 eLUNa Search: Add option to reset filters
137016 eLUNa Search: Help menu
137025 eLUNa Search: accessibility of radio buttons
140078 Extend Segment.Filename field to 255 from 128
140948 eLUNa: Master record terms appear in bigger font in the term panel
142063 eLUNa Search: Sort selected filter value
142576 QA: Chinese country names incorrectly flagged - copy
142815 Placeables are not replaced in edit box for 100% match - Arabic
143180 eLUNa XML converter: UC Integration
143269 UNTERM (316): make General Description field editable
144250 PROD Testing 315
144253 Issue with displaying of Arabic text in eLUNa Search
144473 eLUNa Search: navigation adjustments
144474 eLUNa Search: stemming setting
144485 eLUNa: autotranslated segments in eLUNa draft
144818 eLUNa: eluna draft matches no longer appear first in Discovery
145463 Change email From address
145477 eLUNa: missing number in 100% match