gText Update – Sprint 317

Sprint 317 was released to PROD on 09th September 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 317:

ID Work Item Type Title
146609 User Story Merge code from 316 into 317
146562 User Story Matomo statistics app redevelopment
146648 User Story PROD Testing 316
147126 User Story Production issue
146054 User Story Mismatch of Master UNESCO records
146853 User Story Analysis: Terminology specifications
146432 User Story DEVOPS tasks
146765 User Story Automation - Sprint 317
148112 User Story Regression Sprint 317
146405 User Story Administrative work
145876 User Story Highest match ignored
148296 User Story Review comments from Natalia for highest match ignored
145742 User Story Better error/exception handling
147116 User Story Rollout sprint 317
146577 User Story Meetings Sprint 317
148863 User Story Prod Testing 317
143590 User Story Stand-ups
134303 User Story eLUNa XML converter: user interface and metadata field
143826 User Story Rollout sprint 316
142561 User Story eLUNa XML converter: <meta> document section
134331 User Story Standups
146105 User Story eLUNa: Lookup compares against source segment
149162 User Story Editorial : Whole segments disappears if you try Splitting a large segment
130780 User Story Accessibility: string match results
147096 User Story Draft search optimization
146861 User Story eLUNa: eLUNa draft match missing from Discovery
93420 User Story Editorial: display comments to the right, not over text
135104 User Story eLUNa: Arabic-Indian mixed numerals
138645 User Story eLUNa: Format not retained in autotranslated segments
146871 User Story eLUNa: alt+arrow should not scroll all the way up
144531 User Story eLUNa Search: Compact design for indices filtering
146872 User Story eLUNa Search: display issues in search results
136014 User Story eLUNa XML converter: missing values under Identification
146307 User Story eLUNa: incorrect position of parenthesis in Arabic
147138 User Story eLUNa XML converter: <references> values under <Meta>
136603 User Story Editorial: add ExternalEditor role
140065 User Story eLUNa: add source language menu to intray
92943 User Story eLUNa: exported Arabic text in Times New Roman instead of Traditional Arabic
143086 User Story eLUNa converter: look&feel
72772 User Story Spaces and other characters unduly exported as left-to-right in Arabic
132652 User Story Accessibility: no announcement when processing finishes
138643 User Story eLUNa XML Converter: preface - missing dot
144383 User Story Pretranslation doesn't retain the formatting
138642 User Story eLUNa XML Converter: cover page - session
143475 User Story Implementation functionality of invalid document convertion
145885 User Story eLuna Search: Vuejs tests
147420 User Story Existent auto tests fixes
147684 User Story Refactoring for existing tests
146656 User Story "Export" Auto tests completion (sprint 317)
146672 User Story Improvements in applications deployment process
146718 User Story [PROD] Investigate if there was a change in Arabic font size in last iteration
147203 User Story Administrative Tasks
147329 User Story Configure MissingBiTextBuilderService for Dev-DGACM environment
147416 User Story Arabic font auto tests
147755 User Story Review export logic
148550 User Story Dev-DGACM: Change all applications to use trusted connection