gText Update – Sprint 319

Sprint 319 was released to PROD on 19th October 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 319:

ID Work Item Type Title
155520 User Story DocumentRepositoryIndexer fails with KeyNotFoundException
155509 User Story Investgate Missing BiText could not be built
150698 User Story Production issue: Clean asmx web-service of DocumentRepositoryIndexer
150534 User Story Merge code
151072 User Story Production issue: No bitext found
152398 User Story eLUNa: match reverts to english
151923 User Story Production issue: Editorial Bridge: Index was out of range in EditorialBridge
150619 User Story Fix Geneva 2014 index in Editorial
152286 User Story Production issue: Match inserted in edit box is not first in discovery
153015 User Story Production issue: Editorial Bridge: UC integration of eLuna Search
152714 User Story Onboarding
149956 User Story Automate BiTextAligner test
151700 User Story Devops Tasks
150860 User Story Administrative tasks
149892 User Story BiTextAligner conversion to Func App
148913 User Story Terminology panel automation based on the example
147911 User Story Consolidate logic of retrieving of data from MC
142601 User Story eLUNa calculation breakdown
139627 User Story Editorial bridge: added footnotes not reflected in translation: Preparations
139628 User Story Editorial bridge: deleted footnote is not reflected in translation
120478 User Story Editorial: footnote deletion not tracked
155394 User Story Regression : Doc Storage
96969 User Story eLUNa: calculation of percentages
151970 User Story Meetings - Sprint 319
143468 User Story UNTERM: Custom sorting for countries
152991 User Story eLUNa: cannot get track changes message
150520 User Story eLUNa: incorrect direction of Arabic symbols
150082 User Story eLUNa: display breakdown on intray
150561 User Story eLUNa: incorrect position of numbers and punctuation in Arabic
149598 User Story eLUNa, Editorial, VRS UC integration
152063 User Story BUG: Bridge: Index was out of range in EditorialBridge
149596 User Story UNTerm UC integration
143469 User Story UNTERM (316): country names
149052 User Story eLUNa: Shared terms text box reverts size when the panel is closed
136602 User Story Editorial: footnote indicator typing issue
150819 User Story Bridge: remove experimental role requirement
149802 User Story eLUNa: LookUp shows duplicate results
120443 User Story eLUNa: when shared terms is open, text cannot be copied from the two-column interface
150095 User Story New UNOV resolutions
150760 User Story Prevent saving of duplicated comments
150811 User Story eLUNa Search: Arabic font
137343 User Story Remove SourceSegmentId, TargetSegmentId columns from [DocumentEvent] table
140272 User Story Editorial: text deleted incorrectly before footnote indicator
137740 User Story Editorial: typing before the footnote reflects first and second character incorrectly
150527 User Story Terminology Regression tests
152542 User Story Automation Sprint 319
157978 User Story Prod Testing 319
153118 User Story Regression : Sprint319
151391 User Story Footnotes Regression tests
147949 User Story Stand ups
151648 User Story Check and analyze the "Daily Automation" test results
151682 User Story Existent auto tests fixes (sprint 319)
150577 User Story Investigate an issue with unprocessed files after 12PM
153775 User Story October - Check and analyze the "Daily Automation" test results
151749 User Story Footnotes Regression tests
154294 User Story Fixes for existent auto tests
150664 User Story Plan which components of DocumentRepositoryIndexer should be moved into BiTextRepository application
154309 User Story Rollout sprint 319
150433 User Story Clean projects from QAT, Prod. Prod-UNESCO configurations
154787 User Story Terminology regression automation (October)
155229 User Story Discovery and Lookup tests
152107 User Story eLUNa: save as tentative behaviour
151917 User Story Prod Testing : 318
152976 User Story Shared terms tests Automation
156141 User Story Eluna Search: Fix missing document in Search
153904 User Story Complete "Footnotes Regression" tests
154451 User Story Test for bug 154266 "Parenthesis appear in the wrong direction"
155091 User Story Auto-test for bug BUG 154268 "Numbers appear in different font"