gText Update – Sprint 320

Sprint 320 was released to PROD on 25th November 2019.

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 320:


Work Item Type Title
154926 User Story Rollout sprint 320
118735 User Story eLUNa: DeepL should use British spelling when translating into English
136035 User Story eLUNa XML converter: <meta> - <workflow> - part 1 (no committe drafts)
142810 User Story Add string match for Spanish>English
145799 User Story UNTerm - Handle the exception/error on clicking Admin menu
147129 User Story Update email group; eLUNA report an issue
148443 User Story eLUNa Converter: missing naming in Container element in Preamble
148831 User Story eLUNa: Switch from Hindi to Arabic numbering
148832 User Story eLUNa: add Bing for combinations with Arabic
150270 User Story UNCorpus migration to Azure
150707 User Story Fix the backslash problem when it comes to JSON to parse
152397 User Story eLUNa Converter: workflow - part 2 - Additional sponsors (no committee draft)
152398 User Story eLUNa: match reverts to english
152412 User Story Reconnect UNTerm to the new DB
152637 User Story Connect UNTerm to new DB
152662 User Story eLUNa: segment saved as tentative when MT fails
152665 User Story File could not be uploaded from gDoc
153862 User Story Meetings
154064 User Story Devops tasks
154787 User Story Terminology regression automation (October)
155053 User Story eLUNa: match is not 100% match with placeable
155365 User Story eLUNa: 100% match with placeables displayed as 94%
155410 User Story Merge code
155414 User Story Clean legacy nuget packages
155606 User Story eLUNa Draft automation (October)
155766 User Story Tests stabilisation (October)
155912 User Story Numbers appear in different font
156042 User Story Improve applications' deployment process in DEV environment by informing DEV and QAT teams
156063 User Story Administrative tasks
156224 User Story eLUNa XML converter: external metadata retrieval
156389 User Story Update Entity Framework DB mappings for VRS application from Azure
156538 User Story BiText Aligner Integration Azure Function integration
156884 User Story Upgrade UNTERM to latest version of .Net Core
157024 User Story Add 20 sec timeout on segment-save operation
157527 User Story Editorial Automation - MA
157610 User Story Issue with production
158170 User Story Extract UnitTests execution from Mercury TFS build into another build
158370 User Story Investigate issue with UNTERM on production
158485 User Story Create test cases for not associated tests
158752 User Story Meetings Sprint 320
158985 User Story Tests automation (october)
159153 User Story Prevent lost translation in case of expired cookie
159231 User Story Automation : Sprint 320
159369 User Story eLUNa: comments disappear
159566 User Story Address issues with saving events on eLuna side on slpit event
160313 User Story Regression Sprint 320
162108 User Story Investigate issue on Production: Statistics stored procedure failed
162196 User Story Terminology indexing issues
162634 User Story Issue on Production: BiTextDataService.svc is available without authentication
163191 User Story Issue with MCTask in QAT
164125 User Story Clean UC integration related logs
154748 User Story Investigate text alignment problem in eLUNaSearch
164235 User Story Production Testing : 320