UNOV eConference Support Suite

The eConference support suite comprises online services, applications and tools used by the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) Conference Management Service.

Documents Management

Documents Management is a complete solution for the tracking, storing and retrieval of documents in electronic format. There are currently three systems supporting the Conference Management Service (CMS) in their document management solutions: the Documents, Conference and Production Management System (DCPMS), the Contractor Management Application (CMA), and the Correspondence Management Tool. 

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Meetings & Interpretation Management 

There are three systems providing meetings and interpretation management solutions: the Electronic Interpreters Assignment Program (eAPG), the Electronic Meetings Management System (eMeets) and the Onscreen Meetings Information System (InfoPoint).

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Reference, Terminology & Translation Management

These Tools facilitate the electronic of referencing of documents in all six UN official languages, provide exact terminology information and support translation activities. The Vienna Internet Terminology and Reference System (VINTARS) manages terminology and references in all six United Nations official languages plus the host country language (German). The eReference tool automatically references any given Word document. Mercury is a translation memory tool that allows translators to maximise the use of previously translated content to improve efficiency.

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